More than 150,000 reasons why you should launch a video membership site with LabVidz

Are you aware that you can launch a powerful video membership site in just a few minutes… for FREE?

Whether you want to use video to promote your product or service, or to actually sell access to the videos themselves, there is no easier or faster way to make it happen than with LabVidz. Guaranteed!

Here’s how the shizzle went down:

We took a team of former Soviet engineers, and locked them in the Lab until they created the “perfect solution” (sort of like Ivan Drago from Rocky IV). The result of their work is a theme and plugin combination that is designed SPECIFICALLY to make things “no-brainer” simple for anyone. Just upload three video to using their new FREE plan, and then embed them into a gorgeous responsive mobile theme …with selective control over which videos are public and which videos require a payment.

“But how will I get paid, credit cards are hard..”

Not anymore my friend, not any more. As shown in the video above, with integration (or PayPal and if you are “old school”), you can be collecting cold hard dinero from clients A.S.A.P., with no setup hassles. Just grab yourself a static IP and SSL certificate for your own site or go with our hassle-free LabVidz Hosted version and we take care of the setup for you ;-)

“What are you guys using under the hood…?”

Glad you asked cowboy, glad you asked. We built this solution on the rock-stable WordPress code base. We then curated a best-of-class theme and plugin bundle for the job, and wrapped them all together with our custom code, child theme, and Lab “magic”. All of this designed to take advantage of Wistia’s incredible hosting and analytics features that make YOU look like a rocket scientist when it comes to monetizing video content.

“So what about these 150,000 reasons…what’s up?”

The core of our LabVidz solution is one of the most popular themes now available in the WordPress repository, called “Responsive“. With more than 150,000 downloads to date, you know you are in good company when using Responsive as the parent for this powerful video solution!

“Erm.. uh… English please…what does that mean for me…?”

By basing our LabVidz solution on WordPress and Responsive, YOU are assured of several important benefits, available nowhere else:

  1. An immediate and FREE way to monetize your content, your video, your talent, your services. LabVidz is a flexible and extensible content management solution that allows you to sell access one time, by recurring subscription, or even with coupons! Other companies have the nerve to charge you a percentage of your monthly sales or additional fees for the number of buyers… what? That’s MADNESS!! We provide you a free solution and NEVER take any part of your income or sales. We are in business to make you successful, and your satisfaction is our best marketing tool.
  2. A choice of hosting yourself or having us deliver a turnkey ready-to-use version on our optimized VPS servers. If you really want a head-start on your own server, grab our Upgrade Bundle and you will have a ready-to-use solution of your own in minutes!
  3. The ability to look like a PRO in minutes. You can accept credit cards on a mobile compatible, gorgeous site that didn’t cost a dime (if you self-host), yet provides you the ability to grow a real business with an unlimited number of videos and other features. There is, literally, NO RISK for you to give this a try.
  4. Our personal promise that you will get the BEST service and support for this solution from our team. We have been making entrepreneurs and small businesses “thrilled” since 2006 and this is a completely new era for us, in partnership with Wistia and ThemeID.

“Okay, you have my attention. Where do I go next…?”

Just head on over to and take a tour, take a free test drive of a live site, or just grab yourself a free copy today! If you want immediate gratification, grab the LabVidz Hosted Plan for just $25.00/month that includes support.

What are you waiting for?