Join the fight to END “Designer Poverty”

For just pennies a day, you can prevent another senseless tragedy

Experts have discovered a cure for the #1 leading cause of Designer Poverty

As incredible as it may seem in 2012, we are suffering from a global epidemic. Each and every day, in large cities and small backwater towns, there are literally thousands of talented young designers suffering needlessly. Despite their keen eye, sense of balance, and ability to log on to the Internet, they have not made the connection between their talent and their bank account. But there is hope, and it comes from a most unlikely place.

The first step is admitting you have a problem

Are you one of the unfortunate victims of Designer Poverty? Do you find yourself making excuses to friends, family, yourself… as to why you cannot afford to go to a nice dinner, or take a relaxing vacation? Do you try to justify your lack of funds by claiming that there are no “clients” in your little corner of the world? If any of this sounds familiar… then you may be suffering from DP.

Financial Success is not a birthright

We live in an age where, if you are able to read these words, you have the power to create financial independence from your natural talent. The only limitations on your financial independence as a designer are those you place upon yourself. But don’t worry, we are going to save you from yourself… if you allow us.

The democratization of technology

Did you know that just five short years ago it would have cost you more than $10,000 to purchase a high-definition video camcorder? To host a popular video online would have run up a tab of hundreds of dollars in bandwidth per month. A video conference required dedicated hardware and a small business loan! But no longer, my friends. Today, the miracles of modern technology have made it possible for an 18 year old college student in SouthEast Asia to operate a global production company from a laptop for just dollars a day!

…and therein lies the cure for Designer Poverty

There are literally thousands of customers waiting for you to help

One need only read Techcrunch, Hacker News, Fortune, Entrepreneur, or many other publications to see that there are literally thousands of new online businesses starting each and every day around the world. And every one of them will need to take advantage of contemporary methods for driving new customers to their site. Just what is the #1 method of driving traffic and enticing customers to try a new product or solution? ANIMATED VIDEO!

The promise and the solution

You hold the power to cure yourself of Designer Poverty TODAY and it requires very little action your part. Simply accept our promise that we can show you how to unlock the financial potential of your talent, and start using our solution immediately. If you do these two things, your financial future will change forever. We have everything you need to put your talents to work for entrepreneurs around the world who need Animated Video, but only if you are willing to liberate yourself and say “YES”.

Everything you need to generate revenue TODAY!

Excuses are easy, Execution is hard

We have shown thousands of entrepreneurs how to monetize their niche idea into a profitable online business. Now that it has become “mainstream” for people to leave their corporate jobs and start an online business, a new and lucrative opportunity has been created for designers, that forms the basis for curing Designer Poverty. Yet more than 99% of designers, when asked, will make statements like “But I can’t even afford $23 a month for good video hosting, how can I afford to act on your advice?” To that we say: How can you afford NOT to?

An offer you “literally” cannot refuse

To prove that we are completely confident in YOUR ability to cure yourself of Designer Poverty, we are going to put our own wallets and reputations on the line. We are going to put our faith in YOU. We are going to provide YOU with full use of our tutorial course for less than FIVE DOLLARS.



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This course delivers our proven-system for making animated videos

  • Eleven High-Definition, step-by-step videos (1:42 running time)
  • A complete animated video that we used for marketing our own products
  • All source files for Audio, Video, Animation, and Effects
  • More than 50 Animated moves – ready to use
  • An eleven page written instruction manual
  • Access to our LabZip Insider newsletter and supplemental bulletins
  • Our 100% Satisfaction – Money Back Guarantee!

Your Instructor: Spencer Forman – CoFounder of LabZip, CEO of LabSecrets

“Hello… it’s Spence, the Evil Genius, from LabSecrets”, a software development and consulting company that produces turnkey social networking and monetization solutions for entrepreneurs.

My passion lies with providing incredible software, practical advice, and hands-on solutions for other entrepreneurs who may be struggling with the mechanics of how to turn their online business dreams into reality.


I am almost done watching your amazing tutorials. I think you can guide anyone on how to do it. Very clean the way how you teach. Honestly, you’re amazing! Thanks again and looking forward to doing more big business with you soon. - Lance Rivera (ConnectionEra)

Thank you so so much Spence… You really are an Evil Genius…… I have watched all the tutorials on the main site and all I can say is……. well nothing, I am stunned, amazed and too spellbound to say anything!  Thanks again :-) - Benjamin Douglas Wallace (TutorMusic)


Enjoy a few high-definition samples

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What can I say about LabSecrets? Great support, expert knowledge, awesome tutorials, great plugins and customized themes! - Peter Longden (InvestorNet)

Lab Secrets takes away the mystery of building and maintaining an engaging, up-to-date, and affordable website – especially for non-tech folk like myself. Thanks Spence for sharing the secrets! - Chris Yaw (

So long as you promise us two things:

  1. That you will faithfully watch the videos and apply the techniques towards making your first animated video;
  2. That upon completion of our course,  you will go on to Twitter, Facebook, Quora, Craigslist, or any other place you already visit everyday… and make your first offer to the world, such as: “We Create Gorgeous Animated Videos For Your Website – Starting at just $297 each!”

If you keep the two promises above, we Guarantee that you will earn $297 or more from selling your first animated video or we will provide a FULL REFUND. In fact, we will go EVEN FURTHER and publish your personal opinions and experiences with our Course for everyone to share and learn.

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