Develop WordPress sites locally, then deploy with Git Tower & Beanstalk – Thanks Chris Coyier & Mark Jaquith!

Hey gang! This is definitely one of the more unusual videos we’ve done in a long time.

We show you how to edit your WordPress site locally, then easily deploy all the way to a staging server with Tower & Beanstalk.

Best of all, you don’t have to possess a degree in computer science or server administration to do the same!

Now you can enjoy all the benefits of using Git for managing the revisions of your WordPress sites, as well as the speed and flexibility of editing your site on a local server… yet still be able to take revisions all the way to your live server. Awesome!

The inspiration for this video and our move to this method comes from Chris Coyier and Mark Jaquith who both have contributed significantly to the community on this topic.

We believe it is now practical, if not an actual “necessity”, for everyone to give Git a try… and don’t forget to use Tower and Beanstalk!

If you have any questions, drop us a line at


Chris Coyier Video

Mark Jaquith Post

Beanstalk App

Tower (Git Client)



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